Dirty Whiskey Martini


happy sunday! time to pour some whiskey into those fancy martini glasses. below are a few great life rules from the whiskey women

rule#21: fill your mother’s crystal decanter with your father’s drink of choice

rule#27: no woman ever made history after ordering a bahama mama

rule#9: raise your glass, and your voice, when appropriate


we have a beautiful set of martini glasses, but we (and most of our friends) aren’t martini fans. whiskey we like…but our standby is whiskey and ginger beer on the rocks…and even when strained and accompanied by a lime wedge, it just doesn’t fit the martini glass personality. we need something fancy! we tried a manhattan and an old fashioned, but they were too complicated and robust for such a sleek glass. a classic martini is super simple, so we gave that a go – whiskey neat, it was a good sipping drink, but something was still off.

we’re missing the olives, but olives with whiskey…i’m not interested in trying that! olives in a typical martini power up the subtle flavor of the booze, but we’re not dealing with a gentle liquor here – it’s whiskey people! dare i say that we need a touch of something delicate and dirty? i dare.

we’ve concocted a simple, delicate, and dirty sipping whiskey to pour into those fancy glasses.

– ingredients –

  • chilled martini glasses
  • ice
  • whiskey
  • ginger beer
  • maraschino cherries and juice (i can’t think of anything dirtier/stickier than that)

– directions –

  1. add whiskey to a shaker filled with ice
  2. strain into a chilled martini glass
  3. pour in a bit of ginger beer
  4. drop in a maraschino cherry (or two) and a bit of that ‘dirty’ juice
  5. sip and enjoy

note: you can add a twist of lime if you’re feeling extra fancy


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